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Caves have provided some of our most important archaeological discoveries in history of mankind.

Cave paintings represent the humanity’s earliest art, testimonies to a cultural tradition up to 40,000 years b.c.

In Europe there are thousands of different species which only exist in caves.

The study of this very special and unusual environment and how life on earth has adapted to it has only just begun, in part due to the very small number of specialists.

Karst water resources represent about 25% of the drinkable supply in the world.

Pollutants reach the groundwater very quickly in karst areas due to the porous rock, sinkholes and caves. These natural resources are easily destroyed, but restoration is commonly an expensive or impossible task.

Speleothems are the key to understanding past climate changes.

Speleothems grow very slowly and build fragile and unique forms. As their growth depends on the climate, they indicate general climatic conditions in recording rain fall, humidity, and temperature.