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- support cave protection in Europe
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Support cave and karst protection in Europe by

  • support the Petition to Stop Trade, Import and Export of Cave Contents (see news and download)
  • support of the declaration to protect caves and Karst as cultural, natural and environmental heritage (see download)
  • join a working group on protection issues
  • work with European NGOs like FSE or EEB
  • contact NGOs, scientists, authorities and politicions and ask for supporting letters

Attend the next public FSE meeting about the new "Petition to Stop the Trade of Cave Contents in Europe" and the next steps in European politics!

  • chaired by Baerbel Vogel
  • Saturday 30th of October 2010 at 9.30am
  • Casola Valsenio, Ravenna, Italy

» download detailed agenda «

Goal: Establish workinggroups on biodiversity and EU Habitats Directive, construction projects in karst areas, EU Groundwater Directive, GIS database on protected areas in karst, and discuss the further steps.

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working groups

  • biodiversity in subterranian ecosystems & EU habitats directive
    team leader requested
  • construction projects in cave and karst areas
    paper about Germany and Swizzerland in progress, situation in other countries requested
  • karstwater & EU groundwater directive
    team leader requested
  • European GIS database on protected areas in karst
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